We visited the theater today and are so excited to be hosted by Salem Theatre Company! It’s a fantastic, convertible space currently playing Angels in America Part I. We are thrilled to be coming in after their production, especially with the spirit of Pride still in the summer air.  Here’s some info about the space.

I was finally able to check out Arsenal Center for the Arts where we will be doing the show. It’s always exciting going into a new space. Maybe there is some evidence of another project going on, maybe it’s completely neutral- just work lights and dulling black paint. There was construction going on in front of the building which made it difficult to find the entrance so I’ve added a map to the event page and this one here.

But the venue is well appointed; bright and impressive. And the black box is big! It’s fun to have a nice big space to work- especially after living room rehearsals. I’m looking forward to spreading out and moving around. Well, not me personally.



This little Freddie hasn’t made it into the show… yet.

There’s still some room in the trunk.

The Four Fierce Men of the Rock-pocalypse watch over me as I work.


Video from 2011 honoring what would have been Freddie’s 65th birthday.

For every show I write I spend a lot of time researching, but in the case of Mercury’s Ashes, I actually needed to do some “real” research about Freddie Mercury. The play is based on real events… or more accurately, inspired by real events that are documented and then relayed in the play.

Here are some of the books and videos I used. A whole lotta Freddie.


I credit Sonic as my first video game muse so SPOILER ALERT- Sonic the Hedgehog does make an appearance in The Video Game Monologues!

Therefore, you can imagine my delight when I was surprised by these two guys today- a perfect birthday gift from a lovely supporter (thank you). Sonic and Knuckles are now right at home with some Super Mario friends… just as it should be in my world.



By far the best stage direction from tonight’s rehearsal: “fist to fingers up”

Our poster

Many thanks to the incomparable Christopher Balaskas for his amazing illustration for our poster.