NorMan Enough, or, A Visit to Berry Berenson-Perkins by her Husband, Tony, on American Airlines Flight 11
by Thomas Patrick Naughton and Lian Amaris

This event is a fictionalized account of the final moments of Berry Berenson’s life, when her late husband, Anthony Perkins appears to her before the inevitable crash, to address the truth of their love. As Norman Bates, Perkins perfectly embodied the conflicted desire of the cross-dressing Psycho due to his own deeply divided sexuality. For the artists, Bates’ first victim is mirrored by Berenson, who was left behind after Perkins’ death from AIDS in 1992. While Perkins tried to escape the shadow of Norman Bates, his partnership with Berenson was an imperfect attempt at that role of the leading man Hollywood always wanted him to be. The artists’ vision of these final moments on September 11, 2001, hijacks the “Hollywood ending” to reveal the flawed but enduring bond between this tragic couple. The terrorism of scrutiny and rumor that clouded their relationship explodes in this final meeting when they become villains to one another and the rubble of Ground Zero becomes the lost memories of their past.

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