Starting Anew

This is my third website for VAE since its inception in 2009, and I’m still not satisfied. The first one I built from scratch. We had this silly logo that looked like a bunch of arrows shooting all over to form the letters “V” “A” “E.” It was cute, but it wasn’t right. Then in 2011, I rebuilt the site again and it was super dynamic with all these sliders and stuff. Looked pretty slick. But it was small, and adding things wasn’t easy. So here we are now. I had some hosting on another site from a defunct project and hunted around for a relatively functional free template. I went through seven. It’s amazing how many of these have bugs… they look so slick with their sliders and rollovers, but when you actually try to import a photo or something, sadly it doesn’t work. Maybe when things start to take off I’ll invest in a new template that actually costs something. But for the moment, this one will do. Welcome to the new site. There is a project in the works which is why we are all here now. But there will be more on that soon.


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